2103914058_bb94f044f6_bAmazon S3 Security & More!

Amazon S3 is an online scalable storage service. This means it is a hard drive in cyberspace with unlimited storage that you only pay for what you use. Since Amazon started S3 back in 2006 (2007 in Europe) they began charging only 15 cents per gigabyte but keep lowering that and now it is in the range of 3 cents per Gb.

Amazon AWS has plenty of “helpful” documents that cover most anything to do with all of the services Amazon AWS offers.

There are also loads of “helpful” videos on YouTube.

The problem is most of the YouTube videos are outdated & the documents on Amazons website are like learning a foreign language that has been dead for centuries.

flat-eBookDon’t spend hours slogging through the outdated YouTube videos and trying to decipher the Amazon “help” documents with good old trial & error (lots of error).

I’ve put what I have learned into 23+ over-the-shoulder style training videos.

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