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Lesson Thirteen

  • Video 13 Cyberduck & Expiring URLs

  • Video 13 shows you how to generate an expiring (pre-signed) URL & the big difference between doing this with Cyberduck and doing it with CB S3 Explorer (besides the fact that Cyberduck works with Macs & CB S3 Explorer doesn’t).

  • Running time is 2:30

Lesson Thirteen Read
Lesson Thirteen



This video will show you how to keep your files private yet make them publicly available for a limited amount of time using Cyberduck and expiring URLs, also known as signed URLs.

Now when we did this using Cloudberry S3 Explorer, we were able to adjust the default time when the URL would expire. Not so much the case with Cyberduck. You see with the Cyberduck you only have 3 choices – 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. The 1 hour option you actually have 2 different places here in Cyberduck that you can get that URL. Let me show you. Go ahead and log in to Cyberduck and then select a file or object that you want to get this expiring URL generated for and I’m going to use the dollar sign money bag image and the 2 different places you can get the 1 hour expiring URL, of course you have to make sure the item is selected, file info or right click info or if you have it available in your toolbar, select the item and then click on get info.

And in this case right here is that URL and the time is set for 1 hour from the time that you actually opened this up. By the way, once you click on get info you have to click on S3 if it isn’t already selected. And to actually get this URL into your clipboard, you just right click and then left click on copy URL and then it’s automatically put into your clipboard and then you put this URL wherever you want.

The other place and it’s a little bit different on how you get the URL. Let me show you. Go ahead and get out of there. Select the item you want to generate that URL for and then come up to edit and then hover over copy URL and amongst all these URLs here in the middle, you have the 3 different options for your signed URL. The first one is the one for 1 hour; the second one, 1 day; and the third one is for 1 week. And now to get the URLs in your clipboard from this page, you have to left click on the signed URL text of the URL that you want. In other words with this one here you just left click and it automatically puts that signed URL into your clipboard and it’s really that simple. Of course the drawback here is that you are limited to just those 3 timeframes for your expiring URL.

And that’s going to bring us to the end of this video on creating expiring URLs, also known as signed URLs, using Cyberduck. Thanks for watching and you have a great day.